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Carry the Message

Thank you for visiting our Carry the Message page. We hope that you will use the documents on this page to share the message with your health care professionals and the general public. 


What to Remember When You See Your Health Care Professional

This document is available to you if you need examples of ideas of what to say to your health care professional and general information about OA that might be of value to your doctor or other health care professionals.

Information for Health Care Professionals

This is a document that you can print (in color as it is or in black and white) to physically hand to your doctor or other health care professional. We encourage you to put your contact information on the page so that the health care professional will know who to contact if they have questions and/or want to refer someone to OA. Also, if you scan the QR code when you are with the professional (or have them do it), they can see that we have additional information for them that they can look into at another time. 

Flyer for OA Members to Post

This “tear-off” flyer can be used by you in many ways. You can print this in color or black and white. Please cut the tear off strips prior to hanging the flyer. Suggestions of where to post the flyer (with permission unless you KNOW you do not need permission): doctor’s offices, other professional’s offices, gyms, grocery stores, convenience stores, libraries, hospitals, urgent care centers, other 12 step fellowship bulletin boards, churches, community centers, senior centers, university campus bulletin boards or resident halls to name a few.

Thank you again for your willingness to carry the message. Together we get better.

OA’s Responsibility Pledge: Always to extend the hand and heart of OA to all who share my compulsion; for this, I am responsible.

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