OA publishes and makes available an abundant supply of recovery-related literature to support your program.

Click here for the latest List of OA literature.

How can I buy literature?

1. Go to an OA meeting or an OA event. Most meetings and events stock a literature table.

2. Come to Brandywine Intergroup’s monthly meeting. (See Meeting List for details.) We stock a generous supply of OA literature. Buying locally means your group does not pay shipping charges. (Intergroup pays the shipping for you!)

3. After looking over the List of OA Literature, please email the literature representative at Your order will be ready for pick-up at the monthly Intergroup meeting. You will receive an invoice with your order. Please bring funds to pay the treasurer; both cash or checks are accepted.

4. Visit the online bookstore at where all OA literature is available online. Shipping charged will apply.

If you have any questions about OA literature, how to get some, or what’s in stock at the Brandywine Intergroup meeting, feel free to contact our Literature trusted servant at .