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List of available sponsors (05/05/2023)

Debbie S  267-928-1126 call or text

Kathy D 610-441-2054 call or text

Gina W 610-551-5207  text

Nancy M 610-324-2040 call or text

Yvonne D 610-494-6299 call or text

Carol G. 610-241-5724 call or text

Linda R. 610-357-3389 call or text

Dianne E. 610-247-7292 call or text

Mike O. 610-357-7490  text

Kathy K. 610-310-8725 call or text

Laura S. 610-506-4465 call or text

Barbara S. 646-269-0504 call or text

Andy M. 610-733-7194 text

Karyn D. 484-557-3786 text

Pam H. 215-498-6305 call first

Sponsorship Document

Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers First Twelve Days Guide*

*To do this twelve day guide, both the sponsor and the sponsee will need the pamphlet: Where Do I Start? If you are new to OA and have not received this pamphlet from the meeting/s you attend, please contact Irene C. to request a copy at 610-639-5127 (call or text), or you can use the link for the pamphlet which will take you to the bookstore where you can purchase it.

Please note: This twelve day document is not limited to newcomers. Sponsors can use this twelve day guide for newcomers, members in relapse and/or former members returning to program.

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