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To have your name added to or removed from this list, please contact Mary Frances W. at 302-753-3767.

If you leave a message, she will get back to you as soon as possible.


Please note: The sponsors listed below are available as of the date indicated. This list is updated when someone is added to or removed from the list. If you call someone and they are not available, please reach out to someone else on the list.


List of available sponsors (11/30/2023)

Debbie S  267-928-1126 call or text

Kathy D 610-441-2054 call or text

Gina W 610-551-5207  text

Nancy M 610-324-2040 call or text   currently unavailable

Carol G. 610-241-5724 call or text

Linda R. 610-357-3389 call or text

Dianne E. 610-247-7292 call or text

Mike O. 610-357-7490  text

Mary Frances W. (temporary) 302-753-3767 call or text currently unavailable

Barbara S. 646-269-0504 call or text

Andy M. 610-733-7194 text

Karyn D. 484-557-3786 text

Pam H. 215-498-6305 call first

Jen J. (temporary) 484-319-6799 text first

Sponsorship Document

Temporary Sponsors: Newcomers First Twelve Days Guide*

*To do this twelve day guide, both the sponsor and the sponsee will need the pamphlet: Where Do I Start?  You can purchase or download (for free) this document on

Please note: This twelve day guide is not limited to newcomers. Sponsors can use this twelve day guide for newcomers, members in relapse and/or former members returning to program.

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