Voices of OA & Find Speaker for Meetings

Hearing is Believing!

Brandywine Intergroup presents… MP3 audio of program speakers!

Please Note: We do not yet offer streaming audio on our Web site. Please download these files to your computer by right-clicking and selecting “Save Target As…”. You can then play the audio on your computer or transfer it to a portable audio player.

2007-11 IDEA Day Marathon:

• Cathe S. on Steps 1 – 4 
Marilyn on Steps 5 – 8 

Other online sources of OA / 12-Step audio recordings:

• OA Los Angeles Area Intergroup Virtual Speakers Bureau – http://www.oalaig.org/html/speakers.php 
• Newcomers Video –  


LEADING A MEETING?Don’t forget – if you would like to obtain a speaker for your regular OA meeting (or for an OA event), refer to the Speaker List for Brandywine Intergroup Meetings  that was given to your intergroup rep to share at your meeting.  This list is to be used by your meeting only and is to be kept with your meeting materials.  This list in not to be published anywhere.  

Willing to be a Speaker? If you would like to be added to the Speaker List and have at least 90 days of current abstinence, or if you would like to have your name removed from the list, or if you cannot locate your meeting copy, please contact Carolyn M. who is the “keeper of the list.”  New lists will be printed and distributed only when there is a change.  The list will always be dated, so you will be able to discern what list at your meeting is the most current.  Please do not call Carolyn to find a speaker; use your Speaker List. Carolyn can be reached at 267-255-2639 (call or text) or carolynmcgill@comcast.net